Belkin routers keeps updating dns

"A LAN-based attacker can bypass authentication to take complete control of vulnerable devices." Belkin was notified of the vulnerabilities in its latest firmware and likely those earlier but has not released a fix.There is also no mitigations nor practical fixes "as general users are unlikely to be able to monitor traffic entering the router's WAN port".when i checked this with wi-fi connection, the ping times vary, and go as much as 4000 ms. You might need to be a little more specific on the model of the router as it appears that Belkin has a couple of routers that they put the N150 number on.

I started thinking of some sort of interference causing the router to disconnect, but this couldn’t fully explain why rebooting it would make the problem disappear, at least for some time.

I really couldn’t figure out why it was happening and whether there was a logic or not behind the problem.

The only thing that seemed to be solving it, at least for some time, was a reboot of the router.

this would happen even if i was sitting next to the router with my laptop.

i learned getting into router settings while i was tinkering... the model number on the sticker is F9K1009 (version1) the US site doesnot have the model. regards biren You might want to see if there is a new firmware update for the router. search=n150 You hit the key thing...checking the firmware.

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